We are developing tools that help our clients to systematically solve problems in complex situations. The unique approach behind that:

The ability to change perspectives.


Changing the Perspective

Prof Dr Klemens Joos, Founder and Managing Director OnePager GmbH, explains his mission: “Organisations have to manage increasingly complex situations. The mistakes that are made waste resources and money – every day! With our OnePager®-Methodology, we would like to change this! I founded the OnePager GmbH in order to work with our clients on a new generation of tools – tools that solve problems in complex situations on a customised, process-oriented and systematic basis by a change in perspective. To achieve this, emotional and artificial intelligence have to interact, which is why the OnePager Group is a research laboratory (OnePager GmbH),

communication platform (OnePager Perspective Change GmbH) and software company (Aimyca GmbH) in one. The OnePager®-Methodology is based on 30 years of scientific pioneer work and hundreds of successful practical projects. The OnePager®-Methodology, which I developed and refined over decades, has asserted itself in the political interest representation and has successfully established itself on the market. Furthermore, it will be the game changer for many other business models. Wherever complexity becomes a problem, the OnePager®-Methodology is the key to success!”

These are only a few areas, in which a high need of innovative perspective change-instruments is already prevalent today:

Consultancy öffnen

(Management ⇆ Stakeholder)

(Company/Association ⇆ Executive/Legislative)

(Party A ⇆ Party B)

(Consultant ⇆ Client)

Strategic Communication öffnen

(Scientist ⇆ Investor)

(Founder ⇆ Investor)

(Politician ⇆ Voter)

(Company ⇆ Public)

Customer Retention öffnen

(Producer ⇆ Customer)

(Insurance company/broker ⇆ Policyholder)

(Producer ⇆ Distribution ⇆ Customer)

Transfer of Knowledge öffnen

(Author ⇆ Publisher ⇆ Retail/Reader)

(Lecturer/Trainer ⇆ Apprentice)

(Research facility ⇆ Public)



Mastering complexity. Changing the perspective. In five intertwined phases:


Is the situation simple or complex?

In simple situations, you can continue as before. In complex situations you need the OnePager®-methodology.


Dissect content and process.

In a complex situation we consider content and process separately. Only then we can find new levers for successful problem-solving.


Perspective change:

On a content level, it is now examined whether a change in perspective is possible. Only if a change in perspective from the point of view of the affected to that of the counterpart is possible, the process continues.


Analyse the process.

In 85-95% of the cases the perspective change is successful. Despite complexity, the problem is then solvable! The more complex the situation, the more important process competence. For successful problem-solving, we analyse the levers during the process with intelligent analytical tools.



The newly developed content logic, which has emerged due to the change in perspective, now subordinates itself to the logic of process. All actors first receive an overall picture and then the exact information necessary to solve the problem. We proactively accompany all phases and potential changes.
Success Story


LATE 1980s

The decisive impulse

Prof Dr Klemens Joos, personal assistant to a Member of the European Parliament and subsequent founder of the OnePager GmbH, notices: Affected people lack the ability to process content concisely and in a targeted manner. He wants to change that – and develops the OnePager®-Methodology as a means of communication in political interest representation.

Since 1990

The OnePager®-Methodolpogy takes root

The OnePager®-Methodology develops towards a successful business model in political interest representation (EUTOP), to solve problems in complex situations. The practical cases also serve as a basis of data for a scientific pioneer project, among others at LMU University Munich.

March 2015

OnePager GmbH

Prof Dr Klemens Joos founds the OnePager GmbH. The aim of the OnePager GmbH is the development of tools and services for the systematic problem-solving in complex situations.

June 2015 - July 2017

Standards & Digitisation

The OnePager®-Methodology is partially standardised. A comprehensive study evaluates the empirical dataset from several hundred case studies, in order to derive potential aspects for innovative technology solutions at the junction of emotional and artificial intelligence.

Since September 2017

The first model project

The OnePager GmbH develops an IT-tool (OnePager®-Architect) for EUTOP for the systematic application of the OnePager®-Methodology as well as an advanced training programme (OnePager®-Degree). EU-wide, clients, employees and structural advisors at EUTOP benefit from a facilitation of work as well as internal knowledge and quality management.


The OnePager®-Architect, developed for EUTOP.

Since January 2018

Tailored solutions for innovative business models

Together with our network of experts and partners, we are developing tailored solutions to establish the OnePager®-Methodology in different industry sectors. The new business models that have been analyzed in the OnePager®-Report (Part4-5) are enabling our clients to set new standards in the market with innovate products and services.

Mai 2021

OnePager®-Methodology licensed to the Aimyca GmbH

The digital mentor ‘Aimy’ is worldwide the first artificial intelligence with the competence to change perspective. She can be trainied for any use case and adapts to the individual user. For the first time, the OnePager®-Methodology becomes intuitively usable for everyone. www.aimyca.com


Our clients and partners say:

“Also in the food retail industry the world is becoming more and more complicated. Solutions only exist by mutual agreement with all actors. That is why the idea of perspective change competence and the emphasis on the process convinces me. The OnePager®-Methodology has therefore tremendous potential.“

Markus Mosa, CEO Edeka Aktiengesellschaft

“Translation competence is a practice, which is located directly at the interfaces, at which the main task and the crucial competence of new elites is required, which can effectively be called ‘differentiationelites’.”

Prof. Dr. Armin Nassehi, Professor of Sociology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

“From the wealth of practical experiences in the field of lobbying at the institutions of the European Union and selected member states, Klemens Joos developed his scientifically well-founded theory of the perspective change competence as the key factor for success. It is not surprising that for years, Klemens Joos has been a sought-after dialogue partner for business and politics.“

Prof. Dr. Roland Berger, Founder and honorary chairman of the supervisory board of the business consultancy roland berger holding gmbh

“I think the OnePager®-Methodology is truly exciting. Many problems have a simple substance but are generally complicated by diverging interests of all parties involved. This is equally true for politics, the business world as well as personal issues. Therefore, there is surely a demand for intelligent tools at the junction between emotional and artificial intelligence in various industries.“

Dr. Rainer Wend, Head of political and regulatory affairs Deutsche Post DHL (2009-2019)

“The highly successful combination of theoretically well-founded processes and practical insights is still unique today.“

Prof. Dr. Anton Meyer, Professor emeritus of Business Administration and Marketing at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

“I can no longer imagine our work without the .“OnePager®-Architect

Arne Leimenstoll, Head of department OnePager® quality control“, EUTOP

On the subject

On the subject

OnePager GmbH
OnePager®-Report. Internal Research Report about the OnePager®-Methodology, 165 pages, 08/2017.
Armin Nassehi
The Last Hour of Truth. Critique of Complexity-forgotten Reason, Hamburg: Murmann 2017.
Klemens Joos
Success Through Process Competence. Paradigm Shift in the Representation of Interests after the Treaty of Lisbon. Wiesbaden: Springer VS 2014.

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