The OnePager®-PROCESS

Mastering complexity. Changing the perspective. In five intertwined phases:

  • 01
    Is the situation simple or complex?

    In simple situations, you can continue as before. In complex situations you need the OnePager®-Methodology.

  • 02
    Dissect content and process.

    In a complex situation we consider content and process separately. Only then we can find new levers for successful problem-solving.

  • 03
    Perspective change:

    On a content level, it is now examined whether a change in perspective is possible. Only if a change in perspective from the point of view of the affected to that of the counterpart is possible, the process continues.

  • 04
    Analyse the process.

    In 85-95% of the cases the perspective change is successful. Despite complexity, the problem is then solvable! The more complex the situation, the more important process competence. For successful problem-solving, we analyse the levers during the process with intelligent analytical tools.

  • 05

    The newly developed content logic, which has emerged due to the change in perspective, now subordinates itself to the logic of process. All actors first receive an overall picture and then the exact information necessary to solve the problem. We proactively accompany all phases and potential changes.