Changing the Perspective

Dr Klemens Joos, Founder and Managing Director OnePager GmbH, explains his mission: “Organisations have to manage increasingly complex situations. The mistakes that are made waste resources and money – every day! With our OnePager®-Methodology, we would like to change this! I founded the OnePager GmbH in order to work with our clients on a new generation of tools – tools that solve problems in complex situations on a customised, process-oriented and systematic basis by a change in perspective. To achieve this, emotional and artificial intelligence have to interact, which is why the OnePager GmbH is a research laboratory, communication platform and software company in one. The OnePager®-Methodology is based on 30 years of scientific pioneer work and hundreds of successful practical projects. The OnePager®-Methodology, which I developed and refined over decades, has asserted itself in the political interest representation and has successfully established itself on the market. Furthermore, it will be the game changer for many other business models. Wherever complexity becomes a problem, the OnePager®-Methodology is the key to success!”

These are only a few areas, in which a high need of innovative perspective change-instruments is already prevalent today:
change management
(Management >< Stakeholder)
governmental relations
(Company/Association >< Executive/Legislative)
(Party A >< Party B)
business consulting
(Consultant >< Client)
Customer Retention
(Producer >< Customer)
Insurance industry
(Insurance company/broker >< Policyholder)
(Producer >< Distribution >< Customer)
Strategic Communication
Acquisition of third-party funds
(Scientist >< Sponsor)
Search for investors
(Founder >< Investor)
Political Marketing
(Politician >< Voter)
(Company >< Public)
Transfer of Knowledge
(Author >< Publisher >< Retail/Reader)
Training of employees
(Lecturer/Trainer >< Apprentice)
Science communication
(Research facility >< Public)