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OnePager Group – We create clarity in complex situations

The OnePager Group at a glance

  • Who we are: OnePager Group offers its partners solutions that efficiently reduce complexity – with the unique OnePager® methodology
  • Who we support: Managers and communicators in business, science and politics who need the ability to change perspectives daily in order to make the right decisions and interact successfully with their stakeholders
  • What we offer: Interdisciplinary research into patterns in changing perspectives; strategic C-level consulting based on the OnePager® methodology; software applications for AI-enabled OnePager creation
  • How we achieve this: The OnePager® methodology is based on 30 years of pioneering scientific work at LMU and TUM. It has proven itself in hundreds of successful practical projects in the fields of governmental relations and corporate strategy

Our three operating companies

OnePager Lab GmbH

Interdisciplinary research into patterns in changing perspectives
The OnePager® methodology developed here has been licenced since 2015 (then still OnePager GmbH). Since 2023, we also derive intuitive applications from our research that support our partners in communication by changing perspectives.

OnePager Perspective Change GmbH

Strategic C-level consulting based on the OnePager® methodology
We advise our clients strategically in the search for investors and public relations, in sales and change management, etc. with a customised, process-oriented and systematic change of perspective.

OnePager Software GmbH

Software applications for AI-enabled OnePager creation
Thanks to an intuitive interface, the software applications enable even inexperienced users to work with artificial intelligence and thus quickly create high-quality OnePagers.

Key milestones in the history of our company


Prof. Dr. Klemens Joos founds the governmental relations agency EUTOP and from then on uses OnePagers in his business model to solve problems in complex situations. This is now common practice in governmental relations.


Following a comprehensive empirical study of hundreds of OnePagers, the OnePager® methodology is partially standardised and the first OnePager Group company is founded. This company licences an IT tool (OnePager Architect) for the systematic application of the OnePager® methodology.


The OnePager Group expands its areas of activity and is organised into three companies. All are united by the common goal of methodically supporting our partners/clients in their communication processes and enabling them to communicate convincingly and make the right decisions.


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